Notice for Extension of Maximum Term of Study(Prescribed time limit) for 2020 Fall Semester

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(2020 Fall) Notice for Maximum Term of Study Extension.hwp

Application for Extension of Maximum Term of Study (Prescribed Time Limit) is available from June 16


**Students can extend their Prescribed time limit up to 2 semesters at maximum. Since the change of Academic Regulations, if one is accepted for 1 semester, he/she can apply for additional 1 semester of extension**


1. Prescribed Time Limit for each course 

   - Master's : 4 years(8 semesters)

   - Doctoral : 6 years(12 semesters)

   - Integrative : 8 years(16 semesters)

* Students with study duration expired as of 2020 Fall or 2021 Spring semester can apply

* If you wish to extend your study duration, you must apply for it.


2. How to apply

   -  (, Management of Registration Status, Application for extension of the prescribed time limit, Upload required documents

   -  Required Documents : Research achievements statement, main research achievement(Find the attached file for templates)


3. Application Schedule

   - Application : Dec 22(Tue.) 2020 ~ Jan 08(Fri.) 2021,18:00


4. Please refer to the attachment for detailed information