Guideline on the comprehensive exam, 2021 Spring semester

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Comprehensive Exam for 2021 Spring Semester.docx

Here is a brief guideline on the comprehensive exam.

For detailed information, please refer to the attached file.


1. Possible Applicants: students who have aquired or is expeced to acquire the credits above UST regulations.

2. Schedule: March 2nd 2021 ~ April 9th 2021


3. documents have to submit

  - Comprehensive Exam Assessment report(종합시험 평가결과서), Comprehensive Exam evaluation(종합시험 평가표)

  - You have to submit documents to your advisor or campus coordinator in person(Do not submit the documents directly to UST Educational affairs division)

  - upload in UST ERP system: Graduation plan(졸업준비계획서), Exam paper and Answer sheet(문제지 및 답안지), (Outside member only) Proof of employment(재직증명서), (Outside member only) Consent form for collection/use/provision of personal information(개인정보활용동의서)

4. ETC

- when conducting a face-to-face exam, please follow these actions

   (1) Keep a 2-meter distance from each other

   (2) Avoid handshakes and other forms of physical contact

   (3) Disinfect and ventilate the space

  - If it is deemed difficult to proceed with the face-to-face exam, NON-face-to-face exam using PCs and mobile devices can be conducted. In this case, all documents related to comprehensive exam should be submitted as same as face-toface exam.


If you have questions, please contact to the person in charge(042-865-2342,