[2021-Spring] Notice for Course Registration

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  • Registration Date : 2021-02-01
[For Students] Guide for course registratoin of Spring 2021_eng.pdf Course withdrawal Application.doc Extra Credit Application Form.docx

We notify the details on Course Registration for Spring 2021 as below.


Additional notice:


*Students who graduate from UST Marster's program, and enter to UST as Ph.D program cannot take the same courses he or she already took during Marster's program. If both Master's and Ph.D program share the same essential course, then Chief major professor can designate the alternative course for you.


- Below -

- A student is required to take at least 1 credit per semester until completing the program, Otherwise they will be expelled.

- Application for Extra Credits: 8th. FEB . ~ 19th. FEB

- Course Registration: 15th. FEB. ~ 24th. FEB.

- Change, Add and Drop: 2nd. MAR. ~ 8th. MAR

- Withdrawal: 9th. MAR. ~ 30th. MAR.


How to register courses

Log on to the UST Portal Information System

(http://portal.ust.ac.kr or http://edu.ust.ac.kr)

*Other specific details are in attached file.


cf) Schedule for Study at the collaborative universities program is various and you need to check it on the web.


For more details, please refer to attached file.


contact: ctl@ust.ac.kr



There are many phone inquiries during the course registration period.

   If you have any questions, please use email.