Guideline on Dissertation Evaluation, Spring Semester 2021

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[Attachment 2] Guideline for thesis.pdf [Attachment 3] dCollection Manual.pdf [Attachment 4] TURNITIN user manual.pdf Attachments.docx [attachment 1] Guideline on Dissertation Evaluation, 2021 Spring Semester(20210405).docx [Attachment 5] Registration of Research Performance(20210405).pdf

- Request & Defence : From April 1st(Thu.) to June 11th(Fri.)


- Composition of Committee : ~ April 23rd(Fri.)


- Evaluation & Document Submission : From the date of request to June 11th(Fri.)


- Ph.D and Integrate student who entered from 2017 are required to publish(or accept) one or more articles in SCI-class journal as the lead or co-first author for requesting the defense. 

- The expected degree can be issued from the date of dissertation request


- Graduation Date in Fall semester 2021: August 31st 2021

For the details of the Dissertation Evaluation, please check the attached files.

If the template needed, please refer to the Academic Forms in UST homepage.


Inquiry :

※ If you need TURNITIN Class ID and Password, Please send an email requesting information to


※ Unless you pass the Comprehensive Exam, you cannot apply for the Dissertation Evaluation.

In case of failure in applying for the Dissertation Evaluation, even if you have taken the Comprehensive Exam, you should check whether you submitted all the documents(application form, evaluation sheet, graduation plan and the result pass) is entered on the portal system as professors forgot to enter the result on the system sometimes.  


※ According to the governmental guidelines, the cancellation of the diploma is possible if fraudulent activity occurs. Also, according to Anti-Graft Law, when students offer professors any financial profit, both the students and professors can be the target of the sanctions.