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Looking Forward to My Future Self - Md Saifuddin, Three Friends at UST-KRICT School―Togetherness Is Empowering - Jung Hae-min, Park Min-su, Lee Hyun-ho

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Looking Forward to My Future Self  - Md Saifuddin,  Three Friends at UST-KRICT School―Togetherness Is Empowering  - Jung Hae-min, Park Min-su, Lee Hyun-ho의 대표사진

Story about Student

Looking Forward to My Future Self

Md Saifuddin (PhD Program, UST-Korea Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Technology (KICT) School, Civil and Environmental Engineering Major

Md Saifuddin was raised in Bhubaneswar, Odisha in the eastern part of India. He has never experienced lower temperatures than 15℃, let alone snow. From the other side of the world, he chose to head to Korea for his doctorate at UST. It didn’t matter to him that he had to adapt to a completely new environment because he has a goal that he wants to achieve. The time Saifuddin spends at UST is “the time that makes him look forward to his future self.” In an environment where he can do the research to his heart’s content and build solid trust with his professor, the support he receives here couldn’t be better.

Young Researcher to Tackle India’s Water Issue

It was coincidence Saifuddin learned about UST. During his Project Assistantship at CSIR-IMMT after his master’s program in Vellore Institute of Technology back in India, he discovered a research paper that Dr. Kim Kwang Soo, who is currently an academic advisor of his, and his students published in the Journal of Membrane Science. Captivated by their research, he reached out to the professor and said he wants to be part of the research team as a student.

“Professor Kim has more than 30 years of expertise in the topic I was working on for 18 months. While we were exchanging emails, he sent me a UST brochure. When I took a close look at it, I had no doubt that UST is what I was looking for. There would be no school, not only in Korea, but anywhere in the world that provides such special benefits to students.”

He brought his dream in his heart to Korea, but unfortunately everything didn’t go smoothly at first. In the first winter in Korea, he suffered from a cervical disc injury and had to take one semester off from school. Professor Kim helped him in every way he could including getting him the treatment he needed, a leave of absence and his return to India.

His support didn’t end there; he also helped him come back to Korea to start the program over again. Their relationship stepped up from a teacher and student to friends who share genuine trust. Afterwards, Saifuddin showed outstanding accomplishment. His paper was published in various leading academic journals. He also presented the paper at the 3rd International Water Association Resource Recovery Conference 2019 and the 6th Busan Global Water Forum. In that sense, it’s not exaggerated to say that UST-KICT school’s efficient student fostering system and relationship with a professor built upon trust has led to Saifuddin’s academic growth.

“My goal is to contribute to tackling the water issue in India in the future. I’d also like to teach students of all ages. If my schedule allows, I want to be part of an organization that provides opportunity to children that have limited access to education and help the community.”

Message for UST, the Dream Maker

The resource, exposure to global experience, motivation and financial support that UST offers for its students is by far the best of its kind. This effort brought students from around the world and helped them accomplish their goals. Everyone at UST passionately involved in making this happen for the last 16 years deserves a word of celebration.


Story about Student 2

Three Friends at UST-KRICT School―Togetherness Is Empowering

Jung Hae-min, Park Min-su, Lee Hyun-ho (UST-Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology (KRICT) School)

There are three friends at UST-KRICT School who value their special friendship. Jung Hae-min (PhD program), Park Min-su (Dual Master’s and PhD program, Apprenticeship) and Lee Hyun-ho (Dual Master’s and PhD program) are three close friends who are all obtaining their degrees at the Environment & Sustainable Resources Research Center. Majoring in Advanced Materials and Chemical Engineering, they are in the same research team, enjoying their studies that would have been much more difficult without each other. Having company who supports and stays with us through thick and thin indeed makes us stronger. For that reason, they were full of happy energy.

Proud To Be a UST-KRICT School Student

Three friends being the cover models of KRICT’s newsletter this summer initiated this interview. Researchers at KRICT recommended them be on the cover, which demonstrates their close friendship at UST-KRICT School.

“There are eight students at our lab. Some are from UST-KRICT School, and others are from other universities. The best part is our team shares a good environment here. We spend a lot of time together, hanging out and chatting away our struggles.” said Jung Hae-min.

They found their definite answer in UST that promotes the environment for students to focus on their research. They have started their degree after UST-KRICT campus adopted a “School” system, which meant a more organized system for their work and study. Park Min-su particularly used the new apprenticeship program to enroll. That’s the reason he wants to do research that benefits corporations and tries to be the person who can fulfill the needs of corporations.

“I once came up with an idea for our project. We had positive outcome and were preparing to transfer technology to our cooperating company. One of the UST student support programs allows students to plan the project and collaborate with linked companies. Based on the experience I have, I hope to make good performance with corporations connected to my apprenticeship.” said Park Min-su.

They still have a lot of time left at UST-KRICT. It’s been 2 years since they began their journey here, so they will be part of UST-KRICT for at least the next 3 years. That gives them time to ponder their future plans. The future is the unknown, but there is one thing they know without a doubt, and that is “If I make good use of UST-KRICT School’s student support program, I’m sure the way will reveal itself for me.” said Jung Hae-min.

“I got to have new experience at the ACS Fall 2019 National Meeting and Expo this year. My goal is to continue to follow this path as a researcher, make a good thesis paper and produce notable research outcomes for years to come.” said Lee Hyun-ho.

We hope the friendship of these three helps them to support each other. It will be a driving force for them to make their lives more enjoyable.

Message for UST, the Dream Maker

UST offers a lot of benefits. It’s a shame not a lot of people are aware of the school because it’s relatively new. However, as the time goes on, we see more graduates show their performance out there and spread UST’s reputation, which I feel proud of. We’ll catch up with them so we can live up to UST’s prestige.