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Inaugural Address, Constant Change and Innovation, by President Ieehwan KIM as the fifth president of UST

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Inaugural Address, Constant Change and Innovation, by President Ieehwan KIM as the fifth president of UST의 대표사진

Beloved UST friends and family, including all of those who took time out of their busy schedules to join us today, thank you.


I would like to extend a special word of thanks to presidents Dr. Sekyung LEE, Dr. Un Woo LEE, and Dr. Kil-Choo MOON, Dr. Kwangyun WOHN and the current chairperson of the National Research Council of Science & Technology(NST), and the late, former UST president Dr. Myung sai CHUNG.


Today it is my utmost pleasure to stand before you today as I take my new position as the 5th President of UST. As president, I am prepared to take on the necessary roles and responsibilities in promoting the fostering of bright individuals who can contribute to domestic growth and the development of scientific technologies. It is truly an honor to join efforts with all of you in paving the way toward a brand new era of growth.


UST’s efforts are founded upon change and innovation.

Here, we do not limit ourselves to the boundaries of the real world but, rather, foster the education and growth of creative, bright individuals capable of pioneering innovative technologies of the future.


Despite UST’s relatively short history of 16 years, during that time we have proudly trained 760 Ph.D. students and 1,580 master’s degree graduates who will undoubtedly serve as leaders in their communities both here in Korea and abroad.


I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude for the innovative efforts of the director of our research institutes, professors, students, and other faculty and staff, which enable UST to achieve great things.

These accomplishments would not have been possible without the outstanding leadership of the UST presidents who came before me.

On that note, I would also like to thank my predecessors for their hard work and dedication.

I believe that every one of us should take great pride in all of the roles that UST has played and the accomplishments we have made over the years.

However, we must also take the time to carefully assess these accomplishments and respond to them accordingly. The moment we begin to fall complacent with what we have achieved until now, we run the risk of jeopardizing our future.

We must all take a close look at our past and present and prepare for the future based on our past accomplishments and our strong sense of pride. True change and innovation does not strive for external growth and development but, rather, for change and innovation from the perspectives of culture and value. Furthermore, we must continue to support and supplement the development of that system as time goes on.


Beloved UST family and friends, Ladies and gentlemen!

As president of UST, I have set five goals to achieve in the development and growth of our institution.


First, I will establish a solid system that meets universal standards of fostering new talent and conducting research and development with the goal of pioneering technological innovations.

Second, I will strengthen a joint community system including UST’s research facilities, students, and professors and promote participation among all members.

Third, I will take on the role of facilitating exchange in research and development among experts in research, academic, and industrial sectors and promote development within local communities.

Fourth, I will strengthen global networks and systematically bolster UST’s status as a global university.

Fifth, I will further develop UST as an organization founded upon service, taking the initiative, and working together.


In addition, there are three core objectives that I hope to focus on in achieving these five goals.

The first core objective is “people- oriented.” After all, it is people who are responsible. People must work together. Regardless of how structured an implemented system is or how much is invested, the end result will always depend on what types of people are involved. Also, the greatest value that we seek after is for people.


The second core objective is “site-oriented.” We must constantly be looking toward and thinking about the future. However, at the same time, we must keep both feet on the ground. Getting in way over one’s head and losing one’s grounding when considering the future can be deceiving and is often a sign of a lack of internal maturity and a need to get one’s value priorities in order. This means that we must be sure to address the present when heading toward the future.


The third core objective is “demand-oriented.” When undertaking any given task, we must ask ourselves whom our efforts are ultimately for and who our clients are.


I will do my best to strive toward these three core objectives and achieve the five aforementioned goals, all while collaborating closely with experts and organizations in the academic and industrial sectors to create and execute detailed strategies that address the future.


Beloved UST students!

All of you are the future and hope of the Republic of Korea. Exchange students from other countries, you are the future and hope of your home nations. It is up to all of you to dream big for the future of the world and humanity. After all, who stands at the helm of change in the world? It is none other than members of the science and technology community. It is my sincere hope that all of you will build the expert knowledge based on rationality, as well as the knowledge and capacities intrinsic to human nature and a sound awareness of history and value systems. All of these steps are part of your journey in becoming talented members of society capable of establishing your own visions and leading the world toward a brighter tomorrow.  As president of UST, I will help you achieve whatever goal you set for yourselves.


Beloved UST professors, faculty, and staff.

UST’s reputation as a national research institute and university is all thanks to your hard work and dedication. All of you lie at the very core of UST’s growth and development. I can only ask from you to continue giving your all in providing the innovative and open-minded education and research and development programs for fostering the bright minds of the future. As UST’s president, I will also do my best to ensure that all of you take pride in your contributions and display your capacities to the fullest.


Beloved UST family and friends, Ladies and gentlemen!

The impact of science and technology is no longer limited simply to abundance and convenience and has long surpassed the scope of daily life. Now, it plays a leading role in transforming value systems, cultures, and ways of thinking for all of humanity.

We are all contemporary members of a society responsible for the development of science and technology. As such, we are also responsible for any assessments of our time spent together, as well as the success of UST and the science and technology we aim to create.

On that note, as we are all well aware, time never stops passing us by. However, history does not always follow along, with many moments in time left behind and forgotten.

Whether the time we spend together will become just another ordinary memory meant to be forgotten or a something that can contribute toward even a little in creating a lasting piece of history depends on our collective actions.


Recently, Director Bong Joon Ho’s movie Parasite is quite the talk of the town. This movie received four Academy Awards, including Best Picture. Some media outlets are referring to this win as an impressive feat that breaks language barriers.

However, I think it is much more than that. This is an instance where a Korean movie that started outside the scope of everyone’s radar completely turned the film industry upside down at its very center. This is just one example of how change starts from the outside.


Although UST’s history is short, we boast extensive experience and wisdom through the innovation and challenges we have undertaken over the past 16 years.

Down the road, with great confidence and self-pride, I believe that we can expand our reach across the world and actively bring about change, while developing a model for higher education in the science and engineering fields that is worthy of renown within the international community.

Indeed, I believe that we can create a UST where great minds gather and learn before moving on to play active role around the world.

I will do my best to combine all of our capacities in taking new steps toward developing UST into a global research institute and university.

In doing so, I call for your continued support and interest along the way.


Before closing, I would like to once again express my sincere gratitude to all of those who are present here today, as well as to all of the UST faculty and staff.

Thank you.


February 13, 2020 Ieehwan KIM

5th President, University of Science and Technology, Korea