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“Talented workforce for global companies found among UST foreign students”

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  • Registration Date : 2020-02-21
“Talented workforce for global companies found among UST foreign students”의 대표사진

“Talented workforce for global companies found among UST foreign students”


The University of Science and Technology, (UST, President Ieehwan KIM), a national research institutes-based graduate university in Korea, is implementing the Link U program through which foreign students can get jobs at Korean companies after graduating from UST. The program matches students with Korean companies that are increasing their overseas presence and so want to recruit a foreign R&D workforce. The first partner in this program was global eco-friendly energy company VINATech Co., Ltd. which exports its products to countries around the world including the US, Europe, India, and Vietnam.


(Left) UST in Daejeon, (right) VINATech Co., Ltd. in Jeonju


 After holding the program’s agreement-signing ceremony in September of last year, UST posted a notice regarding applications for the Link U program for foreign students. After carrying out the application screening and interview process, two foreign students were ultimately hired by VINATech. On Wednesday, February 12, the selected students received training on Korean business etiquette at the UST main office before joining the company. The purpose of the training was to help the students successfully adapt to company life by learning Korean corporate culture in advance of starting work.


“My goal is to well adjust to work, which would be a win-win for me and the company”

 The two students chosen by VINATech through Link U were Muhammad Sohail (Pakistan), who majored Advanced Energy and System Engineering, and Thieu Cam Anh (Vietnam), who majored Nano & Information Technology. Muhammad Sohail plans to start working at VINATech in March after receiving his doctoral degree in February 2020. He conducted research on energy applications for metal-organic frameworks at the UST-Korea Institute of Energy Research (KIER) campus.


 “It was hard to find information about getting a job at Korean companies as a foreign student, but thanks to Link U, I was able to apply for a job that fits well with my major. The business etiquette training and various other forms of support I received from the school before starting work will be a great help,” said Muhammad. He also added, “Being the first foreign employee of VINATech, I hope to adjust well to work and become an employee who can make significant contributions to product development.”


 Thieu Cam Anh also expects to start working after obtaining her doctoral degree in August of this year. She is currently conducting research on fuel cells using thin-film nano technology at the UST-Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) school.


(Left) Business etiquette training, (right) Muhammad Sohail


“UST foreign students are promising talent which will help our company advance into overseas markets”

 VINATech Co., Ltd., where the two students will work, is actively trying to develop its presence in overseas markets given that exports account for 90% of its sales. VINATech CEO Sung, Do Kyong said that “the company has invested a great deal of time and money into pioneering paths into overseas markets” and that “securing and fostering local talent is highly important for the success of a global company.” He also stated that “it was interesting for VINATech to find out about UST Link U when the company was searching talent to operate its factory in Vietnam and make headway into new overseas markets in 2018.” Moreover, he added that he “looks forward to seeing UST’s foreign students fill roles as local specialists when they go back to their countries based on their work experience here in Korea.”


 Meanwhile, UST nurtures talent in the fields of science and technology by educating students at 32 national research institutions subsidized by the government. Of UST’s students, 33% are foreigners from a total of 40 countries, including Vietnam, Pakistan, and Indonesia. Currently, seven companies, including VINATech, Lotte R&D Center, Osstem Implant, and Enzychem Lifesciences have signed partnerships with UST through the Link U program and the number of partner companies is expected to grow further in the future.