UST Introduces “Campus Ombudsperson” System

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<March 30th, Appointment Ceremony>

UST Introduces “Campus Ombudsperson” System


 On March 30th, the University of Science and Technology (UST) announced that a total of 14 former and current professors were appointed as “Campus Ombudspersons”.


 UST will implement the “Campus Ombudsperson” system starting in April to monitor the academic operations of the 32 government-funded research institutes dispersed throughout the country, as well as to resolve any issues they might be facing. This newly appointed body will support the academic offices at each campus and will act as a spokesperson for promoting the rights and interests of both professors and students. Furthermore, this system will support various improvements to academic operations by reviewing grievances from students, lecture evaluations, and satisfaction survey results.


 The designated “Campus Ombudspersons” are experts who have long-term experience with UST and an extensive understanding of education systems and academic management. As necessary, these individuals are expected to contribute to the internalization of UST’s academic system by directly relaying any pressing matters to the campus representative professor or the UST president in order to seek a resolution.


 Professor Yongseok Kim of the Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology said that he will do his best to solve various problems that students might face, so that they can focus on their studies and research. President Ieehwan Kim emphasized his hopes that the campus ombudspersons listen to the voices of those at their respective campuses and actively communicate with them, so that teachers and students can work together to establish a culture that will serve as the basis for UST’s future.

 UST is an educational institution under the direct jurisdiction of the Ministry of Science and ICT (MSIT). It is a national research institute graduate university that, by granting educational functions to 32 government-funded research institutes across the country, operates 46 majors in the field of emerging convergence and integrated technologies. Through its remarkable educational infrastructure, including excellent faculty and cutting-edge research environments, UST aims to foster creative and convergent talents who will lead innovations in science and technology.