UST Management System

new paradigms
of higher

  • Provide problem-solving education programs based on on-site research differentiated from general universities
  • Train creative talents who can quickly adapt into industrial or researchfields

Provide GFRIs with an educational function

  • Accessible cutting-edge research equipment/facilities
  • Excellent faculty in diverse areas
  • Participation in national R&D projects

UST Education System of Differentiated Virtuous-Circle


UST Main Office

Liberal Arts Education

  • Liberal arts education including humanities, social sciences, art, etc.
  • Research ethics and laboratory safety
  • Communication, technical writing, presentation skills, research paper writing, patent/thesis analysis
  • Entrepreneurship and business savvy: technology commercialization, business start-ups

GFRI Campuses

Differentiated Education

  • GFRI’s specialized professional field
  • Academic major opened
  • Education of cutting-edge equipment/system
  • Collaborative lectures and joint textbook development
  • Flexible adjustment in major studies to quickly respond to changing global trends

Partner Universities

General Major Education

  • Required theoretical subjects at graduate level
  • Credit exchange for general major subjects