It is said that Pegasus was born from the blood of Medusa, the scary monster whose image turns the viewer into stone, when the hero Perseus cut off herhead. The Goddess Athena gave this Pegasus to Musa, the goddesses of the art. Musa held a singing contest on the Helicon. At the contest, the horse kicked the ground,anda spring upwelled in that place. This spring became the Hippocrene (the Horse’s Fountain). Also, when the hero Bellerophon made a promise to kill the monster Khimaira, he received advice from a prophet to take Pegasus as his horse for his battle.

  • 1Expresses the image of the university that is being developed by giving outstanding talents a ride to their destination
  • 2Expresses a promising spirit and ideal of going higher up
  • 3Means that UST students will become the best, just as Pegasus became a star in the sky

The Constellation Pegasus

The square of the constellation Pegasus, which is called “the huge square of the autumn”, is a representative constellation in the autumn sky and is a guide to find other constellations. The constellation Pegasus can easily found through the constellation Cassiopeia, which is well known. The alpha star of the Pegasus is located in the lower left corner and is called Markab. It is a 2.5th-magnitude star, which is 150 light years away from the solar system. Other stars that form the square are the beta star, gamma star, and the Alpheratz, the alpha star of the Andromeda. All of these are second magnitude stars, but they are bright enough to form a square in the autumn sky where the first magnitude stars do not appear. As a very small constellation, the Equuleus is located in the front bottom of the Pegasus. The Equuleus is a small constellation consisting of dark stars that are lower than 4th magnitude stars. The Equuleus, which is located in front of the front hooves of the Pegasus, is reminiscent of a baby horse running in front of its mother.

UST Front Gate - Pegasus Gate

Imagery of the wings of Pegasus, which is UST’s symbolic icon
  • Vertical wings (left) Spreading its wings
    up to prepareto fly high
  • Horizontal wings (right) Spreading its wings
    to fly stably