Emblem Concept


The UST Emblem Signature consists of the following components : The components of the UST emblem should not be altered or changed in any way.

  • 1 symbolizes the creative spirit of UST that aims to create value through the convergence of diverse fields of research and technology
  • 2 represents UST's intent to comprehensively cover cutting-edge sciences and technologies
  • 3 represents the identities of 32 NRIs(National Research Institutes)-based graduate university that serve as the UST campuses
  • 4 represents UST’s national identity
  • 5 contains UST’s establishment year
  • 6 represents UST’s mission to become a science and technology hub
  • 7 represents UST’s mission to connect research with education and to lead scientific innovation, including the realization of 6T convergence and a hyper-connected society
  • 8 represents UST's mission to foster talented individuals who grow through overcoming challenges and will lead scientific and technological development
  • 9 symbolizes how UST's program is based on science and technology education.

Space Regulation

Clear space is the minimum amount of space around the UST emblem in which no graphic elements of any kind may be present to ensure the emblem’s consistent presentation.

※ The emblem must have margins of X mm on all sides.


Color Regulation

  • Main Color 메인컬러 : UST RED-PANTONE 1788C/C0 M90 Y90 KO/R239 G65 B48, UST RIGHT GRAY-PANTONE COOL GRAY7C/C0 M0 Y0 K40/R167 G169 B172, UST DARK GRAY-PANTONE 446C/C0 M90 Y90 K85/R77 G77 B79

Full Color

Use priority

  • FULL COLOR - White Background(BG)
    White Background(BG)
  • FULL COLOR - UST Dark Gray BG
    UST Dark Gray BG
    Black BG
    UST Red BG
  • FULL COLOR - UST Light Gray BG
    UST Light Gray BG

One Color

  • 원 컬러 - White Background(BG)
    White BG
  • 원 컬러 - UST Light Gray
    UST Light Gray
  • 원 컬러 - BLACK BG
  • 원 컬러 - Red BG
    UST Red BG
  • 원 컬러 - UST Light Gray BG
    UST Light Gray BG
  • 원 컬러 - Black BG
    Black BG

Metalic Color

  • 메탈릭 컬러 - UST Gold
    UST Gold
  • 메탈릭 컬러 - Black Silver
    Black Silver
  • 메탈릭 컬러 - UST Gold BG
    UST Gold BG
  • 메탈릭 컬러 - UST Silver BG
    UST Silver BG
  • 메탈릭 컬러 - UST Cold Embossing
    UST Cold Embossing
  • 메탈릭 컬러 - UST Silver EmbossingG
    UST Silver Embossing

Examples of improper use of emblem

  • 'Korea'와 '2003'이 제거된 경우
    Deleting of the words 'Korea', '2003'
  • 커넥트와 페가수스의 배경이 뒤바뀐 경우
    Changing the BG color of the symbols
  • 'Korea'와 '2003'의 컬러가 바뀐 경우
    Changing the color of the words 'Korea', '2003'
  • 교명의 컬러가 바뀐 경우
    Changing the color of the name of univ.
  • 로고의 크기가 변경된 경우
    Changing the size or location of the logo
  • 엠블럼이 왜곡된 경우
    Distorting the emblem