Completion Requirement

All of the following conditions must be met.

  • The student must meet the years required for graduation according to the academic regulations.
  • The student must complete the minimum credits in each course according to the academic regulations.
  • Average GPA of all the subjects must be at least B0(3.0/4.5).

Completion Time

At the end of every semester

Post-Coursework Enrollment

  • Students who completed coursework can enroll if he/she wishes to continue education and research at UST so that he/she can be given the same responsibilities and duties as coursework enrolled students.

    Not enrolled post-coursework semester is also included in the Study Duration(Prescribe Time Limit)

  • Post-Coursework students who has not completed enrollment can neither make labor contracts nor receive support(ex. student welfare, International Research Exchanged program, Korean lecture etc.) from UST.

    If International students do not enroll after completing coursework, their VISA extension can be limited. UST will consider student who do not apply for the Post-Coursework enrollment has left Korea and report to the Immigration Control accordingly.

  • UST proceeds Post-Coursework Enrollment every semester through Portal system(Related Notice will be provided every semester)

    Guidance will be provided if the Post-Courework Tuition Fee is set to be charged.