Categories of Leave of Absence and Required Document

Categories of Leave of Absence and Required Document

Categories of Leave of Absence and Required Document Category, Application Period, Required Document, Maximum Period,How to Apply

Category Application Period Required Document Maximum Period
How to Apply
General Leave of Absence From the last day of academic semester until the 3/4 point of the next academic semester - M.S. : 2
Ph.D. : 4
Integrative : 6
UST Integrative Info System →Academic Management →Leave of Absence Apply Here
Special Leave of Absence Military Service Anytime Notice for Enrollment (Only for Korean male students) Given period
Pregnancy·Delivery Certificate of pregnancy·delivery or Certificate of Kinship 2 semesters (Only for female students)
Childcare Certificate of Kinship 4 semesters
Start-up Certificate of Incorporation 4 semesters
Disease Written diagnosis requiring medical treatment longer than 30 days issued by a general hospital. When hospitalization in needed, written diagnosis issued by special hospitals can be accepted. Counsel with person in charge at UST. 2 semesters
Others Official document that can prove that applicant can not pursue education longer than 30 days(natural disasters, delay in Visa issuance, etc.) 2 semesters

Each type of special leave of absence is given additional period regardless applicant’s academic course.
Freshmen can not apply for general and start-up leave of absence.

Leave of Absence Approval Process

  • Application by StudentsDocument must be submitted when applying for special leave of absence
  • Student CounsellingMandatory counselling session with UST staff
  • Approval by Campus/School① Advisor ② Major Chief Prof.
  • Approval by UST Main OfficeDean of Academic Affairs
  • Notice of ResultNotice will be given to applicant and his/her campus

Credit(s) can be given when applicant made more than 3/4 of the semester.

Extension of Leave of Absence

  • When students on leave of absence wish to extend the period, the application must be made again.
  • Application for leave of absence can be made up to 2 semesters each time, in case of disease leave of absence, application can be made up to 1 semester each time.

Tuition Refund

When leave of absence occurs after applicant make tuition payment, refund can be made.

Tuition Refund

Tuition Refund Standard date, Amount to be refunded

Standard date※ Amount to be refunded
Up to 30 days since semester starts 100% of the tuition
After 30 ~ 60 days since semester starts 2/3 of the tuition
After 60 ~ 90 days since semester starts 1/2 of the tuition
After 90 days since semester starts None

The date when cause for tuition refund happens(for example, when application for leave of absence was made)

Application for Return to School

  • Period : During given date each semester(Before semester starts)
  • How to Apply : UST Integrative System(Same as the leave of absence application)
  • When period of leave of absence expires, students must make an application for return to school. Otherwise, he/she will be expelled from UST.