Training USTians with pride by promotinga creative educational environment

Secure world-leading educational competitiveness

Discovering creative talent and to become real USTians
Establishment of UST21 education system

Become a university with industry-academia-research integration

Strengthening the cooperation between UST-GFRIs-corporations
Strengthen the cooperation between GFRIs
Support business start-ups with GFRI-based technologies

Establish global status as a national research university

Improving brand value
Improving cooperation network

Establish creative knowledge management system

Providing creative educational environment by applying cutting-edge technology
Improving management effectiveness

Organizational Structure

정보시스템 인프라 조직도
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Main Tasks

  • Establish mid and long term development plan and annual operating plan for information systems and information security
  • Establish/operate/manage servers, N/W, DB and other H/W
  • Establish/operate/manage homepage, portal, integrated information systems (academic, administrative, research, etc.) and other S/W
  • Establish/operate/manage firewalls, DB encryption, spam blocking and other security systems
주요업무 표

주요업무 표로 전산기획, H/W 구축/운영/관리, S/W 구축/운영/관리, 정보 보안으로 구성된 표

Category Data Processing Plan Establish/Operate/Manage H/W Establish/Operate/Manage S/W Information Security
Related Work
  • Establish mid and long term development plans for information systems and information security
  • Establish annual operation plans
  • Establish BCP/DRP
  • Plan information system projects
  • Manage information system resources
  • Server∙ Backup∙ Storage: 36
  • N/W∙ Security Equipment: 48
  • PC and Laptops: 110
  • Video Lecture Rooms: 21
  • Other infrastructure
  • Homepage, UST Portal
  • Integrated Information System (Academic, Administrative, etc.)
  • Electronic Approval, Electronic Library
  • Webmail, Video Lectures
  • Diverse Mobile Systems
  • Establish/operate firewalls, IPS, V3 and other security systems
  • Evaluation and inspection by the national intelligence service regarding information security management
  • Cyber Security Diagnosis Day
  • Security control, emergency response to invasions
  • Inspect weaknesses in information system security, etc.


Head of the Team

부서장 표

부서장 표로 직위, 성명, 업무, 사무실 연락처 내용을 제공합니다.

Position Name Work Contact Information
Team Manager Choi Eunyoung Overall Responsibility 042-865-2380


구성원 표

구성원 표로 직위별로 성명, 업무분야, 사무실 및 연락처의 내용을 제공합니다.

Position Name Work Contact Information
Team Member Kwon Yuseong System Operation and Management 042-865-2383
Team Member Hwang Youngsun IT infra management, Information system management 042-865-2382