Cyber Security Diagnosis Day

The chief of each organization must designate the third Wednesday of each month as ‘Cyber Security Diagnosis Day’ depending on each organization’s circumstances.
(Refer to Article 11, item ①of the Guidance for Information Security of Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning)

Cyber security diagnosis day
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School faculty and staff
  • Run My PC Keeper(Automatically runs when starting the computer on every third Wednesday of the month)
  • Any item found with a weak point should be modified, rerun, and double checked
  • Check if any personal information is saved on the PC(Organize files with personal information and set passwords for the files)
  • Check for viruses and delete unnecessary software and Active X files, execute Windows Update
Information Technology Team
  • Notify employees that the third Wednesday of each month is designated as “Cyber Security Diagnosis Day” and encourage them to participate
  • Check if My PC Keeper has completed
  • Check the information security on Cyber Security Diagnosis Day