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    Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute


    The Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI), a government-funded research institute established in accordance with "the Act on the Establishment, Operation and Fostering of Government-funded cience and Technology Research Institutes, etc.," contributes to academic advancement, energy acquisition, and utilization of nuclear energy through active research and development in related fields.
    Since its establishment in 1959, KAERI has been the only research institute in Korea dedicated to nuclear energy. Over the past 60 years, it has accelerated developments in nuclear technology and made significant achievements, including the localization of PHWR and PWR reactors, the design of a Nuclear Steam Supply System(NSSS) - applied to Uljin Units 3 & 4 - and the design and construction of the multi-purpose research reactor HANARO.
    As the first research institute of science and technology in Korea and one of the world's best centers of nuclear research, KAERI is building a safe society centered on people and the environment. It will continue to expand into new fields, improving quality of life while attaining higher standards in safety and reliability.

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