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    Korea Institute of Geoscience & Mineral Resources


    Geoscience and Mineral Resources are the Hope of Mankind! Geoscience and Mineral Resources have been the most important element and essential asset to human developments since the beginning of the world. With the utilizations of mineral resources, human beings have been able to establish civilizations and prosperous cultures by enhancing the effective value of mineral resources throughout history. The Korea Institute of Geoscience and Mineral (Resources KIGAM) was established in 1918, and lpayed a central role in comprehensive mineral exploration and energy development as a government supported research institute. For the last century, KIGAM has striven to build core technology, that can mobilize national competitiveness and endless productivity. KIGAM accomplishes national projects to enhance the quality of people's daily lives by improving safety levels, providing education on natural disasters, and developing new materials and energy sources. KIGAM covers various fields of geological research in nationwide and overseas such as gas hydrates, mineral exploration, groundwater flow research, usage of underground space, and efficient utilization of national territory. Moreover, KIGAM endeavors to develop important new technologies for geological disasters such as earthquakes and landslides, as well as global climate mitigation strategies such as CO2 geological storage, mineral carbonations, and waste disposal. Geoscience and Mineral Resources are the core to industrial growth in the future. Every staff member at KIGAM will carry on the grand tradition of creativity and devotone to the development of practical and utilizable knowledge so that KIGAM becomes the leading brand in science and technology in Korea. KIGAM will do its best to be the number one research institute in the geoscience and mineral resources development field in this time of energy crisis.

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