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    Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science


    Highly advanced measurement technology is an indispensable foundation for today's ting-edge technologies and their industrial applications. Not only does such measurement technology provide a technical basis for scientific and industrial activity, but it also plays an essential role in global trade and eventually contributes to the improvement of quality of life. In fact, it is necessary to ensure the reliability and the compatibility of all the testing and measurement results in scientific research, industry and trade. ‘National Standards' is a series of scientific and technological activities being carried out at a national level for the maintenance of such reliability and compatibility. Established in 1975 as the central authority of the national standards system, the Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science (KRISS) has been contributing to the development of our national economy and playing an underpinning role in the advancement of science and technology by developing and disseminating national measurement technologies, the fundamentals of all scientific and industrial activities. At present, KRISS maintains the world-class national standards of measurement and testing in 1709 fields. KRISS provides measurement standards services for customers including industry, technological society and the general public in order to enhance the competitiveness of industries such as automobiles, ships, electronic appliances, semiconductors, etc. In addition, KRISS has been engaged in the development of new measurement standards and technologies for pioneering industrial technologies, including bio technology (BT), nano technology (NT), information technology (IT), etc. KRISS has also been devoting itself to the betterment of our quality of life through research and development intended to improve safety and reliability in medical measurement. As a client-oriented research institute, KRISS will continue to further its capabilities to return the most practical and substantial values to the economy and society. While deepening its partnerships with industry, academia and other research organizations at home, KRISS will be working more closely with foreign NMIs and the international measurement science community to be one of 21st century’s top 5 NMIs in the world.

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