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    Korea Institute of Oriental Medicine


    Working to Create a Healthy Future for All. That is Our Commitment at KIOM. Traditional Korean Medicine (TKM) is a system of medical knowledge and practices developed by Korean people over thousands of years. The Korea Institute of Oriental Medicine (KIOM) was established in 1994 to conduct research in TKM. As a national hub for standardization research in TKM, KIOM has made major contributions over the years in strengthening the scientific basis of this native medical system unique to Korea, and taking it beyond Korea’s borders. Our research spans a broad range of TKM-related topics, from basic medical technology to research into standardizing and expanding scientific foundations of this medical field, and theoretical and clinical research on promising new TKM-based therapies. KIOM carries out important national research projects on specific therapeutic and clinical subjects such as acupuncture and meridian therapy, sasang constitutional medicine, and cerebrovascular disease and diabetic complications. treatments. Among other essential activities at KIOM are policy research, research on the history of TKM and herbal medicinal resources, and quality control for herbal medicines. KIOM actively collaborates with research organizations and researchers both within and outside of Korea through its various and ever-widening cooperation networks. One of our important goals for the upcoming years is to link our know-how and capabilities with ting-edge technology fields such as IT, BT and NT, to develop an innovative new paradigm for TKM-based therapeutic techniques. The accelerating phenomenon of the aging population has resulted in a renewed interest in traditional medicine around the world. The global traditional medicine market has already surpassed US$ 200 billion in value. Acupuncture is now a widely used therapeutic practice in Europe, and the healing potential of new herbal drugs is also appreciated and recognized in the US. Scientific validation and standardization can only TKM, a medicine tested and trusted for thousands of years, to gain broader acceptance internationally. If and when it os successfully modernized and commercialized, TKM should emerge as a global medicine and a viable alternative to Western medicine, with a tremendous market potential. The most fundamental commitment of KIOM is to the advancement of national health care and improvement of the quality of life for all, making TKM into a strategic national industry. Thank you for visiting our website. Your support and interest in our cause are greatly appreciated and will continue to help us to forward.

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