Training USTians with pride by promotinga creative educational environment

Secure world-leading educational competitiveness

Discovering creative talent and to become real USTians
Establishment of UST21 education system

Become a university with industry-academia-research integration

Strengthening the cooperation between UST-GFRIs-corporations
Strengthen the cooperation between GFRIs
Support business start-ups with GFRI-based technologies

Establish global status as a national research university

Improving brand value
Improving cooperation network

Establish creative knowledge management system

Providing creative educational environment by applying cutting-edge technology
Improving management effectiveness

HISTORYSince 2002~

  • 2020. 02 Inauguration of Dr. Iee-Hwan Kim as the 5th president
  • 2016. 03 32 campuses, 1282 students enrolled
  • 2016. 01 Inauguration of Dr. Kil-Choo Moon as the 4th president
  • 2013. 10 The 10th anniversary of UST opening and the UST vision proclamation ceremony
  • 2013. 03 Jurisdiction was transferred from the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology to the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning
  • 2011. 12 Inauguration of Dr. Un Woo Lee as the 3rd president
  • 2010. 11 Relocation of UST main office
  • 2008. 02 Jurisdiction was transferred from the Ministry of Science and Technology to the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology
  • 2007. 10 Inauguration of Dr. Sekyung Lee as the 2nd president
  • 2006. 02 The 1st commencement ceremony
  • 2004. 03 Opening of UST and the 1stentrance ceremony
  • 2003. 11 Inauguration of Dr. Myung sai Chung as the 1st president
  • 2003. 10 University establishment approval (Ministry of Education & Human Resources Development)
  • 2003. 08 Revision of the Enforcement Decree on the Government-Funded Research Institute(GFRI) Act

    Establishment of university organization and management systems such as the university management committee
  • 2002. 12 Revision of Government-Funded Research Institute(GFRI) Act. Established the basis for the foundation (legislation by Assembly members)