International Admission Schedule

Details are subject to change, with an announcement made on the notice board of the UST website.

  1. STEP 01

    Announcement of Admission Guidelines2.10.(Mon)

  2. STEP 02

    Submission of Application Form & Required Documents2.12.(Wed)~3.25.(Wed)

  3. STEP 03

    Announcement of Successful Applicant of Documents Screening5.7.(Thu), 17:00

  4. STEP 04

    In-Depth Interview5.14.(Thu)~5.21.(Thu)

  5. STEP 05

    Announcement of Final Successful Applicants6.8.(Mon), 17:00

  6. STEP 06

    Admission Registration6.9.(Tue)~6.15.(Mon)

Download the Guidelines of 2020 Admissions

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