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Korea is the 6th largest annual petroleum consumer worldwise and is 4th in oil imports. The petroleum demand in Korea will continuously increase in the future. the securing of a petroleum reserve is vital to the Korean economy. To secure enough reserves to meet oil and gas demand in Korea, we need to obtain necessary technology for domestic and foreign petroleum exploration and exploitation. In this department, we try to inculcate in students a practical knowledge of oil and gas technology in this internationally competitive environment. The topics of the courses include all the fundamental theory spanning seismic surveying to petroleum law. We welcome well prepared domestic students as well as international students who want to become competitive experts in the upstream of the oil and gas industry.


Course Name (Kor/Eng)

탄성파자료해석 (Seismic Interpretation)

Course Details

Course Details
캠퍼스, 학위과정, 학점, 이수구분, 강의형태, 강의방법, 주관교수로 구분하여 안내합니다.
Campus Korea Institute of Geoscience & Mineral Resources
Academic Curriculum Integrative program Credts 3
Completion Criteria Major Lecture Types Major
Lecture Methods Korean course Supervising Professors


강의목표, 교재 및 참고문헌, 수업운영방식, 과제물, 성적평가방식으로 구분하여 안내합니다.
Lecture Objectives ? 탄성파 자료를 이용하여 지하지질구조 및 탄성파 층서 해석을 위한 기본지식과 석유부존 유망성을 검토하는 응용기술을 습득하도록 함
Textbooks and References
How a Lecture is Conducted
Grading and Score Evaluatios

Weekkly Syllabus

Weekkly Syllabus
Weekkly, 계획으로 구분하여 안내합니다.
1 Week 탄성파 자료해석 개론
2 Week 탄성파 자료해석 개론
3 Week 탄성파 자료해석 개론
4 Week 구조해석
5 Week 구조해석
6 Week 구조해석
7 Week 구조해석
8 Week 구조해석
9 Week 층서해석
10 Week 층서해석
11 Week 층서해석
12 Week 층서해석
13 Week 층서해석
14 Week 탄성파 자료 매핑, 유망구조 도출 및 석유부존 유망성 파악
15 Week 탄성파 자료 매핑, 유망구조 도출 및 석유부존 유망성 파악
16 Week 탄성파 자료 매핑, 유망구조 도출 및 석유부존 유망성 파악