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The Korea Railroad Research Institute is the only railway research institute in Korea established in 1996 with the aim of improving railway traffic and enhancing the competitiveness of the railway industry through technology development and policy research in the railway sector. KRRI is constantly striving to advance the railway technology through the development of future advanced technology and core technology and to open a new feature of railway transportation. Especially, the Korean high speed train driven by electric locomotive with 350km/h and the K-AGT light rail was successfully developed and commercialized. The development of the 400 km/h high-speed train and the wireless tram as well as the bimodal tram and the unmanned automatic mini-tram for the road-driving have been developed and commercialized. KRRI is playing a pivotal role in the development of railway, public transportation and logistics technology in Korea by standardizing railway logistics and building a railway safety system. In addition, KRRI is making efforts to improve the competitiveness of the railway transportation technology by efficiently utilizing the test lines dedicated to railway and the full scale test facilities located near the Osong station. KRRI is operating the UST-KRRI School, a graduate school to nurture railway transportation professionals who will lead the development of the railway industry. The UST-KRRI School has established a system suitable for railway transportation, enhanced its educational management, and systemized the education system. The UST-KRRI School provides excellent and stable education and research environment, including cutting-edge and full-scale research facilities, excellent faculty, differentiated curriculum, training subsidies, and student welfare system, to cultivate creative global talents with professional knowledge and practical skills.


Course Name (Kor/Eng)

철도에너지공학 (Energy Engineering for Railways)

Course Details

Course Details
캠퍼스, 학위과정, 학점, 이수구분, 강의형태, 강의방법, 주관교수로 구분하여 안내합니다.
Campus KRRI School
Academic Curriculum Master Credts 3
Completion Criteria Major Lecture Types Major
Lecture Methods Korean course Supervising Professors


강의목표, 교재 및 참고문헌, 수업운영방식, 과제물, 성적평가방식으로 구분하여 안내합니다.
Lecture Objectives 전기철도 운영에 필수적인 에너지기술의 활용 및 실용화 기술에 대해 심화 학습을 수행한다.
Textbooks and References electric railway engineering, Railway Electrification System & Engineering
How a Lecture is Conducted 강의 및 세미나
Assignments 프로젝트 세미나 및 리포트
Grading and Score Evaluatios 세미나 발표

Weekkly Syllabus

Weekkly Syllabus
Weekkly, 계획으로 구분하여 안내합니다.
1 Week 전기철도 에너지공학의 이해
2 Week 전기철도 차량의 에너지 기술
3 Week 전기철도 차량의 에너지 기술
4 Week 전기철도 에너지 전송의 이해
5 Week 전기철도 에너지 전송의 이해
6 Week 태양광 에너지 기술의 이해
7 Week 신재생 에너지 철도 적용 기술의 이해
8 Week 에너지 관리시스템 기술의 이해
9 Week 에너지 관리시스템 기술의 이해
10 Week 자가부하 전기철도 차량 기술
11 Week 자가부하 전기철도 차량 기술
12 Week 신개념 철도 차량 및 집전기술의 이해
13 Week 신개념 철도 차량 및 집전기술의 이해
14 Week 차세대 철도 에너지 기술
15 Week 차세대 철도 에너지 기술
16 Week 기술발표 (Term project)