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Technology plays an important part in the economy as a driving force to improve the quality of life. It will continue to play an important role in every aspect of society. In this environment, ‘Science and Technology Management Policies’ should foster human resources for knowledge creation and diffusion. This major provides a multi-disciplinary approach to the study of science. The main research interests are Technology Economics and Business Management, Policy for Science and Technology, R&D Planning and Evaluation, Industrialization of Technology, Design of Technological Innovation System, etc.


Course Name (Kor/Eng)

연구개발기획·평가론 (R&D Planning and Assessment)

Course Details

Course Details
캠퍼스, 학위과정, 학점, 이수구분, 강의형태, 강의방법, 주관교수로 구분하여 안내합니다.
Campus University of Science & Technology
Academic Curriculum Integrative program Credts 3
Completion Criteria Major Lecture Types Major
Lecture Methods Korean course Supervising Professors


강의목표, 교재 및 참고문헌, 수업운영방식, 과제물, 성적평가방식으로 구분하여 안내합니다.
Lecture Objectives 공공 및 민간 연구개발 사업의 전주기적 연구기획/관리/평가 방법론 등의 학습을 통하여 연구개발 사업의 효율성/효과성을 증대시킬 수 있는 능력을 키우도록 함. To develop the ability to increase the efficiency/effectiveness of R&D projects through learning such as the preliminary research planning/management/evaluation methodology of public and private research and development projects.
Textbooks and References
How a Lecture is Conducted 강의, 토론, 과제
Assignments 발표자료 및 Term paper
Grading and Score Evaluatios O 출석, 수업참여도, 발표(토의) 등 50% O 중간보고서, 최종보고서 등 50%

Weekkly Syllabus

Weekkly Syllabus
Weekkly, 계획으로 구분하여 안내합니다.
1 Week 기술전략과 R&D 기획
2 Week 기술전략과 사업전략
3 Week R&D 기획의 개념
4 Week 연구개발 단계와 R&D 기획
5 Week 기술확보 전략
6 Week R&D 기획 실행계획
7 Week 기술예축
8 Week 중간시험
9 Week 기술로드맵
10 Week 기술트리
11 Week 내부역량 분석
12 Week 외부환경 분석
13 Week 핵심기술 선정
14 Week R&D 포트폴리오 분석
15 Week 특허맵 작성
16 Week 기말시험