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The trend of mass consumption of resources has been accelerated by industrial development and improvements in the standard of living. This mass consumption raises serious global problems such as the fast depletion of resources and the rapid increase of wastes generated. These problems can be solved using recycling technologies to conserve the global environment and, at the same time, to secure a stable supply of resources necessary for our industries. In particular, the development of resources using recycling technologies, and the training of professional manpower in this field, are of great importance on the ground due to our limited land space and dwindling mineral resources. This course of study aims at inculcating professional knowledge about the recycling of the variety of resources generated in the course of economic, social, and cultural development. The can be categorized into this course consist of two major parts: (1) introduction of basic resources recycling technology, including chemistry of environmental resources, environmental thermodynamics, and analytical chemistry of resources and (2) in-depth study of metals recovery, the making raw of materials from inorganic and organic wastes, recycling process technology, and treatment of hazardous military wastes. Also, in order to foster a practical access to the subject matter, an on-site research lab course will be offered to allow students to participate in an on-going project and receive knowledge on various recycling technologies.

  • Resources Recycling 1st Semester, 2006 ~
  • Resources Recycling 1st Semester, 2004 ~ 2nd Semester, 2005