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    Korea Research Institute of Bioscience and Biotechnology(KRIBB) is the government-funded research institute for biotechnology in Korea. Since the establishment in 1985, we have led the innovation in the field of biotechnology in Korea, addressing the demand for national research development. We continue to establish strategies in order to provide solutions for global societal challenges such as food, medical services, environmental changes and lay the foundation concrete results. With our excellent team of researchers. latest research infrastructure and facilities, we are leading bioindustry and making accomplishments across a broad range of disciplines from the fundamental understanding of life phenomena to applied research and technology commercialization. Further, to remain viable in this ever changing environment, we are constantly innovating and responding to social needs. Going forward, we will be at the forefront of creating future bio growth engines by acquiring new technologies and solving national and social agendas by obtaining national core technology. Moreover, we will work towards the advancement of biological infrastructure through enhancing consumer-oriented research infrastructure for nationwide use.

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