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    KRICT School


    Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology(KRICT) significantly contributes to the advancement of Korea’s chemical technology industry by developing chemical and convergence technologies, transferring technologies to the commercial sector and educating future professionals. Utilizing high-tech chemical infrastructure, KRICT helps solve social issues through the development of source technologies in such fields as high value added technology and medicine/bio technology. KRICT also offers various training programs to educate future professionals in the field of chemistry, the most notable being the UST-KRICT School. The UST-KRICT School offers a systematic educational approach centered around major and specialized fields of research. At the UST-KRICT School, students are provided with a skilled teaching faculty, cutting edge research facilities, a unique academic curriculum, student welfare programs, and more. Through this, the UST-KRICT School strives to foster global professionals equipped with both knowledge and practical skills, who will become the leaders of tomorrow’s chemical industry.

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